There are many potential routes and subsequent steps in the process of technology exploitation. Health Enterprise East’s (HEE’s) heritage of managing the commercialisation of intellectual property (IP) from within the NHS, combined with industry expertise ensures our experience is broad. By tailoring the approach to match each client’s requirements, HEE ensures maximum benefit is gained.

Case Study: Commercialisation of a novel patient safety device


An NHS Trust required assistance with the  commercialisation of a novel patient safety device, a non-injectable connector for arterial lines.

For the project HEE:
  • Provided a full range of development and commercialisation support to the clinical team who had invented the device, including
    • Understanding the technology and exploring the IP landscape to determine the most appropriate patenting strategy
    • Assisting with the proof of concept and supported clinical evaluation and testing at the founding Trust,
    • Carrying out a partner search to identify a suitable commercial partner

This work provided a clear route to market for the non-injectable connector resulting in a successful commercial collaboration to sell the device in the UK.

Case Study: Commercialisation of a unique tracheostomy wound dressing


An NHS member required assistance in commercialising a new and unique tracheostomy dressing.

For the project HEE:
  • Met the inventors to understand their technology, intended use and current IP status
  • Assisted with design rights and successfully gained patent protection for the idea 
  • Helped the inventors to establish proof of concept
  • Identified and established a collaboration with licensee, P3 Medical

This work gave the NHS client a clear route to market and helped to establish a collaboration with a commercialisation partner, who are now successfully selling the device.