Intellectual property (IP) is a key asset requiring skilled management and professional advice. The experienced team at Health Enterprise East (HEE) can assist in navigating the path, providing practical advice and services tailored to the specific needs of your organisation.  

Case Study: Managing intellectual property for a suite of anaesthesia products


An NHS Trust required advice on IP protection and management for a novel anaesthesia delivery system.

For this project HEE:
  • Met the inventors to understand their technology, intended use and current IP status
  • Conducted an evaluation of the patents already filed by the inventors and a comprehensive patent prior-art search and analysis to determine whether the ideas could be protected and whether there was freedom to operate in the field
  • Advised on - and subsequently managed - the process of combining some of the previously filed patents into one international patent and filing one completely new patent with the UK intellectual property office
  • Identified through patent research a complimentary technology from a different NHS Trust and successfully concluded a collaboration with that Trust to enable the technologies to be developed together

This work led to a comprehensive, yet cost effective patent prosecution strategy and a new product to compliment the portfolio.

Case Study: Developing an IP strategy for a cardiovascular technology


HEE worked with an NHS and academic research team to develop an IP strategy for a novel cardiovascular technology.

With a patent in national phase, HEE:
  • Provided the client with assistance in the management of IP generated through a grant
  • Carried out a full review of the prior art and analysed filing strategies of competitors to identify which publications and organisations to research further
  • Set up monitoring for further filings and granting of third party IP
  • Determined the most appropriate IP and commercial strategy, along with projected costs to execute the patents through to grant

The recommended research and filing strategy was incorporated into a successful grant application and is now supporting the development of the technology through to first-in-man studies.

New IP was also identified during the review process for which further filings have been readied.