Intellectual property (IP) landscaping is a strategic tool providing valuable business intelligence to ensure maximum understanding of the potential opportunities and competitive threats. This analysis is essential to inform an IP strategy but is also a key scouting tool, enabling the identification of emerging technologies and ownership. Health Enterprise East (HEE) is experienced in patent searches and analysis,  providing clear output in order  to deliver a comprehensive understanding of a defined technology field.

Case Study: Cardiac telemetry IP landscaping


As a partner in the EU Regional Care Portals project, HEE provided a detailed technology review describing the current status and future trends for remote patient monitoring devices for patients suffering chronic cardiovascular disease.

For the project HEE:
  • Provided an in-depth analysis of a range of technologies with an emphasis on  those supporting the growth of wearable, implantable or smart-phone enabled devices
  • Reviewed 142 relevant products across 83 companies, 2,224 relevant patents and patent applications
  • The technology areas included:
  • Sensor technologies
  • Data processing, transmission and analysis
  • Power consumption modalities
  • Miniaturisation (e.g. MEMS)

This work is published as part of the project’s final deliverables, and is publicly available from the European e-Ucare portal.