Stakeholders are at the heart of any product development; their insight essential to success and without it, products risk not reaching full potential or failing all together. The team at Health Enterprise East (HEE) is skilled in identifying and mapping relevant parties, enabling focused, unbiased needs analysis to ensure key requirements and relationships can be fully explored and exploited. 

Case Study: Recruiting auto-injector users to explore unmet needs


A client was struggling to recruit  patients using auto-injectors for one-to-one interviews.

To facilitate this HEE:

  • Worked with their network of clinicians and representative patient groups to recruit individuals willing to participate in interviews to help the client explore unmet needs
  • Readily identified participants and set-up interviews  with individuals representing both new users and more established users

Define LogoThe client was able to rapidly gather the information required for a project they were conducting. The different user profiles ensured they understood the range of perspectives necessary to feed into concept generation work.

Case Study: Identifying suitable candidates for a Medical Advisory Board


Our client wanted to  identify European medical professionals with specific  medical imaging and surgical experience as potential candidates  for its medical advisory board (MAB)
  • We recommended and agreed search terms that would capture the skill set required to search clinically relevant sources and our own network
  • A ‘long-list’ of potential candidates was developed and from this a shortlist of candidates was comprehensive profiled, including possible conflicts of interest
  • Our searches also highlighted potential Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) members and identified other relevant key individuals


Define LogoThe company has received unbiased and objective profiles of potential Medical Advisory Board candidates, a list of potential SAB and other relevant individuals to facilitate the development and validation of the company’s products in clinical settings.

Case Study: Surveying hundreds of NHS stakeholders to gather opinion


A client required a research questionnaire to be distributed to stakeholders within the NHS to gain insight into current working practices for a new incidence reporting tool.

To maximise the success of the project, HEE:

  • Utilised their unique network of healthcare professionals within the NHS to circulate the client’s questionnaire to several hundred clinicians. The survey was distributed to individuals with a variety of medical specialities, to yield a wide range of feedback and points of view.
  • Highlighted the value of the research to the clinicians and underlined that responses would be anonymous in order to boost response rates

Define Logo
The client was able to gain instant access to hundreds of individuals within the NHS, covering multiple job functions and specialities via HEE’s network database. The responses have helped the client gain an accurate picture of specific procedures and feedback on working practices, to help them implement changes to the design of their tool.