Unmet needs drive innovation. Whether starting from the analysis of a market to identify high-level gaps, exploring care pathways to identify triggers for change, or observing a user handling a specific product, Health Enterprise East (HEE) can assist. The team can drill down and translate with appropriate granularity in order to define actionable outcomes and follow on activities such as stakeholder research, technology scouting and concept development. 

Case Study: Translating unmet clinical needs into technology concepts


An NHS Trust wished to explore unmet needs in the area of perioperative care. This pilot study was conducted to trial proactive exploration of needs and its potential impact on innovation within the Trust.

To support the study HEE:
  • Conducted a programme of primary research including interviews, observations and understanding a day in the life, to understand the stakeholders, products and processes involved from preoperative care through to discharge
  • Analysed the findings and carried out additional research to identify a number of key themes
  • Identified one cross cutting theme that was taken forward for idea generation and solution finding


Define LogoThe pilot study identified the value of proactive research into unmet needs within the Trust, as a result the Trust has an ongoing collaboration with HEE and an embedded team working closely with clinical stakeholders exploring needs and generating solutions.

Identifying unmet clinical needs within radiology and accelerating innovation


HEE worked with an NHS radiology department to identify unmet needs in interventional radiology and understand why those needs exist along with the opportunities and barriers to addressing them.

To facilitate this work HEE:
  • Immersed itself in the department to understand current status and discuss initial views, as well as in-depth interviews with senior staff
  • Performed desk-based research to review current innovations and emerging technologies in context of services offered in the department
  • Segmented unmet needs according to perceived ‘ease of achieving’ based on Capex, skills, services and provided information on each
  • Understood the level of skills and service innovation achieved and identified the barriers to achieving more and addressing unmet needs

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The output helped the Senior Management Team to build a strategy to provide ongoing innovation support within this busy and key hospital department.