Understanding the dynamics of a market is the cornerstone of company strategy and defines future direction. It can take on many guises from a broad view of the opportunities across multiple territories, through to gathering deep insights within a specific product category. Irrespective of the focus, detailed analysis informs strategic planning and determines factors for success. 

Health Enterprise East (HEE) takes care to understand your aims and goals to ensure appropriate activities are developed, to deliver highly insightful, tailored outputs. 

Case Study: Assessing the attractiveness of the large volume wearable injector market in selected therapeutic areas


A client wanted to understand the drivers, barriers and relative attractiveness of large volume injector (LVI)  devices for the delivery of complex biologics in a number of therapeutic areas (TAs).

For this project HEE:

  • Reviewed the biologics pipeline by TA to select those with highest perceived ‘potential’ for addressing with LVI
  • Assessed potential patient profiles in each TA and drivers and barriers for LVI via primary and secondary research
  • Provided market intelligence to inform product development which included:
  • The market and clinical drivers for LVI are complex and are based on molecules in the pipeline and those reformulated to subcutaneous (SC) delivery for lifecycle management
  • Messages from clinicians regarding ‘need’ for LVI across selected TAs were varied, due to the infancy of the market and few applicable molecules available
  • The US market for LVI was affected by the strong reimbursement of IV over SC


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These insights have given the client clear direction for design phases, including specification and idea generation to support development of a concept device.

Case Study: Understanding the regulation of probiotics within food and medicine in the UK for the High Commission of Canada


The High Commission of Canada wanted to provide information on regulation of probiotics within medicine and food, and the probiotics market in the UK, to assist Canadian companies.

To support this work HEE:
  • Carried out secondary research into regulatory guidelines within this market and the current status of the probiotics market in the UK
  • Conducted interviews with key players in the regulatory space to validate and challenge our secondary research
  • Wrote a report summarising our key findings defining the differences in regulation for a probiotic with a health claim compared to one without

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The HCC provided the report to their member companies as part of the ongoing programme to inform Canadian companies about the UK market.

Case Study: European start-up with a novel virus protection mask


A client wanted to understand the potential for a novel virus and bacteria sequestering mask for use by immuno-compromised patients.

For the project HEE:

  • Developed a programme focusing on ICU, transplant and oncology departments to gain insight into the current practises employed to control infection
  • Sought to understand how all stakeholders are protected from viruses whilst in the hospital environment visiting four hospitals to gain a balanced view of commonalities and differences in approaches
  • Discovered that whilst there are opportunities for the product in departments caring for immuno-compromised patients, the patient is not  the principal target, rather those visiting
  • Further research identified significant new opportunities for the product across hospitals due to the increasing emphasis on infection prevention and control 


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These insights have given the client invaluable strategic marketing and development direction for future products.