The Innovation Scout Network

Identifying and Promoting Innovation to Benefit Healthcare

Innovation Scouts are supported by HEE to provide a local, initial point of contact for colleagues to bring forward and discuss innovative ideas. Scouts also seek to promote the adoption and diffusion of best practice to benefit patients and the wider NHS community. 

Who can be an Innovation Scout?

Innovation Scouts are drawn from across disciplines and areas of expertise, with a key attribute being the desire to improve healthcare delivery. Scouts should be motivated to actively engage with individuals to assist in the early stages of the innovation process, including
  • Promote the development and adoption of an innovation strategy within their organisation
  • Help to implement and managing  Intellectual Property (IP) policies
  • Disseminate key messages about innovation and promote adoption and diffusion of best practice
  • Be a point of contact for HEE
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Supporting the Innovation Scout Network

Stuart Thomson

Commercialisation Director
Health Enterprise East

West Suffolk Hospital NHS Trust

Includes Innovation Scout Laura Wilkes 

Library & Knowledge Services Manager 
West Suffolk Hospitals NHS Trust

The Princess Alexandra Hospital NHS Trust

Includes Innovation Scout Chris Cook

Clinical Effectiveness
Research & Innovation Manager 
The Princess Alexandra Hospital NHS Trust

What are the benefits of being an innovation Scout? Joining the Innovation Scout Network

Being an innovation scout can be a rewarding experience for both the individual and the NHS organisation, benefits include

  • Access to the Scout Network to share learning, experiences and establish new contacts
  • Opportunity for personal development through CPD accredited training (3 courses with a combined total 15 CPD points)
  • Access to  networking events, tools and dedicated web based materials
  • Playing a central role in improving the quality of services for the benefit of patients and service users
  • Opportunity to promote and share best practice to enhance Trust reputation as an innovative organisation

Joining the Innovation Scout Network

There is no cost to join the Innovation Scouts network and interested individuals are encouraged to contact us.  

As the role requires commitment outside of an individual’s normal day to day working, line management support is essential. Many organisations opt to have more than one Scout working together in order to achieve a wider impact across their organisation.

For more information on the Innovation Scouts Network email Chris Armstrong Marketing Manager or call 01223 928040.

Supporting the Innovation Scout Programme