Providing clinical pathway, procurement and reimbursement insights

Key stakeholders required for MedTech adoption: beneficiary (patient), user (clinician) and buyer (NHS organisation) often have different interests and requirements. 

A deep understanding of how Clinicians work and how the new technology will benefit their Patients is essential for MedTech products to be adopted.

​HEE’s Clinical Insights research methods will give you a deeper understanding of the clinical and health outcome parameters required for a product to be successful.

Our understanding of the Clinical Pathways in and outside the NHS will enable you to understand how your product will be used and therefore what it needs to deliver.

Our close collaboration with many healthcare provider organisation enables us to advise you on the Procurement options for your product including pricing and reimbursement. 

We use proven Methods to help you develop an understanding of the evidence needed to show your product's value to the NHS and identify any data gaps that may delay your product reaching the market.